Here at Oddly Developed Types, we don't believe that giggling like a loon is incompatible with scholarship.  If you want vague, quasi-superstitious speculations on type, or if you prefer dry-as-dust reading material, go elsewhere.  You would only spoil our fun if you stayed. 


1. Present specific facts instead of vague generalities

While other type websites provide vague generalities without explaining where they got their (heavily rehashed) material, Oddly Developed Types gives you the real dope--facts, numbers, and percentages with citations to back them up.  If possible the studies themselves are linked so that you can follow up on the subject if you want.  The goal is to put knowledge straight into your hands.  Check out the Online Type Library and explore the free type research available. 

2. Don't hide the bad stuff

There's an understable but unfortunate tendency in the professional type community to hide unpleasant facts.  Researchers are rightly worried that information in the hands of mean people could lead to type bigotry or hurt the feelings of people who feel bad enough about themselves already.  But silence has its price too.  If a person has a medical condition that comes with a high risk of heart attacks, isn't it the duty of the doctor to warn them to eat right and exercise?  Many of the type-specific "diseases" might be preventable if a person only knew what they were up against.  It seems best to present the truth in a spirit of compassionate understanding, knowing that it will ultimately prevent more serious harm. 

3. Continually Improve

You know those type websites that haven't been updated since 1995?  This isn't one of those sites.  Oddly Developed Types is continually agglomerating new material as more research becomes available.  Check back every few months, and see what new stuff we have to offer!

4. Lighten up

If you can't laugh at other people's weird habits, then what can you laugh at?  :)  I hope you will forgive the warped INTP sense of humor that pervades this site.  It was inevitable; I would be bored otherwise, and so would you. 

Welcome to Oddly Developed Types!