Status - Temporarily On Hold

What's up with the Island Types storyline? 

Alas, I had to put it on hold in order to devote time to projects that put bread on the table.  I definitely haven't abandoned it though!  I have scripts written out for the future pages...I just need to draw them.

I do post new standalone comics once in awhile, however (not frequently).  Why would I be making standalone comics and not Island Types comics?  Well, basically standalone comics are a lot less graphically intensive.  Those darn velociraptors take forever to draw.  :p  The new standalone comics are being added to the start of the webcomic, which makes it look like they were posted in 2012.  This way they won't interrupt the flow of the Island Types storyline when I do get back to adding new comics. 

When will I start posting new Island Types comics again?  Hmm...Good question, I'm actually not sure.  Really it just depends on a bunch of "ifs."  If I get a job, part-time or full-time.  If I complete a different project, freeing up time for this one.  If I get money somewhere to buy a digital tablet to make drawing faster and more efficient.  If an asteroid strikes the city I live in, killing me instantly.  It's hard to give a firm date, said the Perceiver.