Who are you?

Nothing but your humble servant. And Catlord of the Secret INTP Order for Internet Domination. 

Why did you make this website?

My original motivation was to make loads of moola.  But over time, the purity of my goals was corrupted by naive idealism.  And know what?  I'm glad it was.  I don't want to be one of those people who locks up words forever in overly-expensive, copyright-and-DRM-protected containers.  Which brings us to the point below.

Can I use your stuff somewhere?

Comics--Go wild.  :)  You can do anything you please with them except make a book out of them and sell it.  If you want to put them up on your website, or include them in your book, or post them on Pirate Bay, be my guest.  You don't need to credit me, pay me, or ask permission.  I'm still retaining the copyright, but it will be considered to expire five years after the publication of each comic, at which point they will enter the public domain. 

Type descriptions--I release the stuff in the type tabs up top into the public domain, which means that everyone owns it now.  You can repost it, sell it, whatever.  Don't ask my permission, you're the owner.  ;)

Post-Apocalyptic Survival by Type--Like the comics, you can do anything you want with it except make it into a book and sell it yourself.  I retain copyright, but the book will be considered to enter the public domain on January 1st, 2018. 

The Secret Lives of INTPs/INTJs--Like it says inside the book, you're welcome to post chunks of this book on the web.  I'm still thinking about how I might give it away free, but right now it's the only way I make money, so...  I guess we'll just have to see.  :)  At any rate, I retain copyright, and the book will be considered to enter the public domain on January 1st, 2018. 

Why don't I release stuff under creative commons?  Essentially, I don't want to wrap stuff up in licenses that can't be revoked.  With a creative commons license, there's always going to be that pesky string attached, whereas with the public domain, there's no strings at all--it's truly 100% free. 

What is the best type?

I could never say...people can be really incredible in really different ways.  I can name people from every temperament that I admire--from Harriet Tubman (ESTP) to Optimus Prime (ESTJ) to Isabel Myers (INFP) to James Madison (INTP).  How does one even compare the achievements of such a diverse bunch?

What's your problem with the cognitive functions?

There's no evidence that they exist, but there is evidence that they don't, and there are few agreed upon definitions for them.  The pseudoscience is like an itch I can't scratch, staring at me from every type website and forum.  It makes me feel like scrawling "the cognitive functions are a lie, the cognitive functions are a lie, the cognitive functions are a lie" over and over and over on the nearest wall. 

How did you get like this?

This is what happens to a person when they grow up in a family composed of 80% NTPs.  You should see the rest of my siblings. 

How can I get in touch with you?

You can send me an e-mail me at oddlydevelopedtypes@gmail.com.  I respond to support emails pretty quickly, but (alas) anything else will probably not get a reply. Reason: I used to try to respond to all my emails, but I failed miserably, thus causing me to wallow in guilt and shame. So I had to give that up. :p I really do enjoy reading your emails, though, honest!  Send me mail!!  :)

What's your current project?

Finish Post-Apocalyptic Survival by Type, finish Island Types, finish adding the website's unfinished citations...