INFJs at Work

A study found that INFJs were the type that least frequently liked the work environment characteristic "Toe the line expectations."  Rather, over 80% of INFJs reported that they liked "Variety of tasks," "Clear structure," and "Independence and achievement." 

INFJs were the type most satisfied with "Working conditions (hours, vacations, benefits, etc.).  However, they were also the type least satisfied with "Salary."  Like all types save for the ENTJs, they were also dissatisfied with "Promotions." 

A study found that INFJs were the type least confident in their ability to work with their hands on tasks such as construction, repair, etc.; they also tended to perform these tasks the least, suggesting that they avoid them.  Instead, they were the type that most often performed tasks such bookkeeping, word processing, working on the computer, filing, etc (Myers, McCaulley, Quenk & Hammer, 1998).  The researchers noted that the latter result was not expected for "big picture" intuitive types who supposedly are not interested in the daily details, and suggests that INFJs may actually enjoy the opportunity to analyze and organize data presented by such activities. ...On the other hand, this could explain why INFJs are one of the two types that job hop the most. 

The area of highest confidence and liking for INFJs was artistic activity centered around consuming or producing literature, art, music, etc (Myers et al, 1998).  In this they were similar to all NFs. 

In terms of overall life values, INFJs were the least likely to value "Health" and "Prestige or status." Glamor, glitz, wealth, reputation, recognition, honors, status: an INFJ craves not these things.  They tied with the INTJs in terms of not valuing "Financial security."

Occupational trends for INFJs include "Religion," "Counseling," "Teaching," and "Arts" (Hammer, 1993).