INTJ Leadership

INTJs, though not as known for leadership as ENTJs, are nonetheless one of the most likely Rational leadership types (Keirsey, 1998).  With their unusual foresight and their ability to devise strategies to reach their goals, INTJs are visionaries with a plan.  Keirsey has pointed out that NTJs, unlike their NTP cousins, are quite comfortable giving direct orders as opposed to indirect suggestions or information.  "Do this," "Stop that," "Come here"--these are all directives.  (In fact, one of the best ways to tell INTJs apart from INTPs is to study their command-giving style, or lack thereof.) 

Note that INTJs will remain content followers so long as the leader is the doing a good job (Keirsey, 1998).  But if the leader is a bungler, the INTJ cannot help but try to wrench the wheel from the hands of the incompetent and set the ship back on its proper course. 

In fiction as in real life, one will often find an INTJ in charge of a small group.  This group may have any purpose (at the bottom of the page you can find INTJs in charge of a group of boy detectives, a group of Musketeers, a group of vampire hunters, and an entire secret criminal organization) but the INTJ at the helm shares the same confidence, the same probing mind, the same willpower, the same self-discipline, the same calmness, and the same ability to devise startlingly complex, elegant plans that actually work. 

INTJs may run into trouble when they decide to ignore the "pointless" social niceties that could in fact secure cooperation from those who could help them; when they treat less intelligent or skilled subordinates with open disdain; when they fail to give praise and appreciation for a job well done; when they do not give detailed instructions to the types that prefer clear specifics to high level directives ("," 2009); or when they give orders "out of the blue" without bothering to secure the support of those who are expected to carry them out.  All these things will create unnecessary obstacles in their path and may indeed result in the failure of their enterprise.  Fortunately, most INTJs realize that concessions to others' needs pay off with tangible benefits.  Being pragmatic realistists, they will indulge those under them with a measure of social consideration.