INTJ Stress

In confirmation of the information in the previous section, Myers et al. (1998) found that INTJs regard school as a low stress activity.  They were also among the four least stressed types about "balancing home and work," "caring for aging parents," "health," and "children."  If this were all, then INTJs would qualify as one of the least stressed-out types.  Unfortunately, although they were unstressed about many things, they were also among the top four types for being stressed about "work," "finances," and "intimate relationships."

Keirsey (1998) has noted that the Rationals become impatient with everything and when under stress. 

INTJs in particular are (much) more likely than any other type to suffer from major depression (Otis & Louks, 1997). 

How do INTJs respond to stress?  Myers et al. (1998) found that INTJs were the type second most likely to seek professional help and the type fourth most likely to "try to think of options."  They were also the type fourth most likely to use exercise as a coping method, and the least likely to use TV.  INTJs were the third least likely type to get angry and show it.  They were similarly ranked third lowest for relying upon religious beliefs.