INTJs at Work

A study found that INTJs were the type that cared least about the working environment characteristic "Makes jobs simple" (Myers et al., 1998).  Instead, 80% of the sample favored the characteristics "Variety of tasks," "Clear structure," and "Independence and achievement."  INTJs were among the top four types that liked "Variety of tasks," probably because a variety of tasks means a variety of areas to practice and to achieve mastery.  More variety also implies a concomittant level of complexity, which all Rationals love. 

Since INTJs are the most future-oriented type (see Foresight), it perhaps comes as no surprise that the thing which dissatisfied them the most was lack of future opportunities (Myers et al., 1998).  They also gave the highest percentage of "Very Dissatisfied" responses to the work aspect "Opportunities for promotion."  It would appear that INTJs require more open rungs and a higher ladder than most other types.  To a much lesser extent, INTJs were also dissatisfied with "Job Security."

A noisy, chaotic workplace, oversimplified tasks, a "by the book" approach to tasks, or a micromanaging boss will drive away INTJs, who prefer to work quietly and independently, planning out complex, unconventional systems. 

Hammer (1993) suggested that occupational trends for INTJs include "Scientific or technical fields," "Computers," and "Law."