Huggala - A Preliminary Report on an ENFJ Cult

While engaged upon a study of ENFJs in the wild, I stumbled upon a mysterious society that calls itself "Huggala."  Of course.  It only makes sense that these charismatic, extraverted Teachers would have their own cult.  I have recorded the rites and rituals I viewed during my brief initial observation of this group in the hope that it will provide insight into a heretofore unknown aspect of the ENFJ personality.

My unexpected encounter with Huggala came when one of my subjects went camping.  Eager to catch a glimpse of the ENFJ in its natural environment, I tailed them to their campsite and set up a blind in the nearby woods with my binoculars and notebook.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when nearly thirty more ENFJs showed up over the course of the next day and a half!  They brought with them large kegs containing an unknown liquid, and, long, bulky objects wrapped up in blue tarps. 

When all had been assembled, the cult began its activities.  The ceremonies kicked off with all the ENFJs joining together in the middle of a clearing.  Each shared their name and a fun fact about themselves, then they joined in a group hug that lasted about twenty or thirty minutes. 

The activity apparently made them hot and thirsty, for when they broke up they descended on the kegs and drank copious amounts of the reddish beverage. (It did not appear to have an intoxicating effect.) 

Next, the ENFJs wandered around the clearing for almost an hour, exchanging a ritual challenge and response: "What do you wanna do?" "Oh, it doesn't matter. What do you wanna do?" It seemed as though each ENFJ was eager to oblige the others and unwilling to oblige themselves. 

At last, one of the ENFJs--I would later recognize him as the cult leader--suggested, "We could affirm each other."  The others leaped on this suggestion and loudly approved it. 

The ENFJs formed a circle, holding hands in a bond of love and trust. The ENFJ who had made the suggestion was placed in the center of the ring, and the other ENFJs danced in a counterclockwise motion while making favorable chanted regarding character, talents, kindheartedness, and physical appearance.  When they were finished affirming him, another ENFJ took his place, and the dancing continued in the opposite direction. 

Such caring, such warmth, such ineffable affection!  Words cannot describe the meaningfulness of this ENFJ ritual.  Who would not give everything to be, for a moment, in the center of that circle of affection?  I was filled with longing to join in the cult--such is the deadly power of ENFJ charisma. 

On a side note, there may be a connection between the ENFJ dancing ring and the old English fairy dancing circles.  Can it be that such myths might have a basis in fact?  If so, it would make the Huggala cult hundreds of years old! 

After the affirmations were complete, the ENFJs enjoyed another refreshing draught from the kegs, then lit a bonfire and spent the next few hours talking, playing musical instruments, and hugging each other.  Then they retired into their tents. 

While they slept, I slunk cautiously into the campground. The red liquid was revealed to be cherry Kool-aid.  Next I investigated the blue tarps.  Working slowly and quietly, I undid the edge of one of the bundles, and got quite a fright.  There was a man inside, staring up at me.  He was plastic, a store mannequin. What could this mean?

After breakfast and morning affirmations, the ENFJs unwrapped the tarps and set up the dummies, which they tied to young trees.  This ritual stirred uneasiness in me.  Was this some kind of effigy burning or...?  The cult leader approached the first mannequin, a man dressed in business clothes.

“How nice to see you!” he exclaimed.  Then he threw his arms around the dummy and squeezed.  The other ENFJs clapped and cheered.

For the next few hours the ENFJs practiced their hugging techniques. In such a short space of observation I was unable to pick up anything more than the basics, but it appears that ENFJs regard the hug as both a mystical bond of affection and a martial art.

When they were done, they offered each other support and encouragement, then said their goodbyes.  Within a few minutes they had all disappeared, leaving a quiet campground and an enchanted researcher.

Warning for nonENFJs

Do not try to spy on your ENFJ friends to try and catch them participating in Huggala.  Types with low self control may be drawn in by the almost magnetic seduction of the ENFJ personality, and although remarkably friendly, the cultists probably would not take kindly to being spied upon.  If you are caught, the consequences might be terrible indeed—few can survive a prolonged group hug by a group of ENFJs.