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A Faith-Based Program Evaluation: Moral Development of Seminary Students at The Louisiana State Penitentiary

186 pages, long, this dissertation discusses the relationship between type, crime, ministry, and moral reasoning skills within a Christian framework.  Describes what types of crime are favored by which types (See pg. 96).  Describes what types are likely to become ministers by denomination (FJs were overall favored).  People with preferences for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perceiving tended to have higher moral reasoning skills.  Much other interesting data throughout. 

An Examination of the Relationship Between Creative Potential and Personality Types Among American and Taiwanese College Students of Teacher Education

This study of type and creativity (as measured by the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking) finds that NPs tend to score with the highest measures of creativity.  Differences in creativity were also noted for different genders and cultures. 

Creative Thinking for Individuals and Teams: An Essay on Creative Thinking for Military Professionals

Discusses the role of creativity in the military within the context of type, focusing on the fact that STJ (the dominant type in the military) tend towards efficient problem solving, while NTP (not so dominant) tend towards creative problem solving.  Argues that the army would benefit from encouraging a more creative culture, leading to higher adaptivity and more successful problem solving.  Also examines military leadership styles. 

Differences in MBTI Types Among High School Band, Orchestra, and Choir Members

A 118 page dissertation decribing which types and temperaments are attracted to what musical areas.  Choir students tend to be more extraverted than orchestra students; ensemble students were more likely to prefer NFP.  Summarizes other research showing that NFs as a whole tend to be strongly attracted to music.  Also describes the personality characteristics of people who prefer particular instruments. 

Ethnic and Gender Differences in Best-Fit Type

Do different ethniticies and sexes have different type compositions?  This study looks at type differences between groups of Caucasians, Latinos, African Americans, Asians, and Indians as well as between men and women (it goes beyond the usual T/F divide to look at S/N, J/P, and E/I differences).  A good exploration of how well the MBTI works, and where it errs, in a multicultural setting. 

Lawyers and Their Psychological Types

Examines the temperaments of lawyers.  Guardians tend to be corporate/business/commerical lawyers, Rationals dominate litigation practice, and (female) Idealists are also strongly overrepresented in female litigation practice.  Artisans were hardly represented at all, while in general terms, Guardians were the most numerous type.  Resisting the urge to make a lawyer joke...