The Relationship between the MBTI Step I Instrument and the 16PF in an Outplacement Sample

Researchers studying a group of managers receiving outplacement interviewing and counseling found that the managers were strongly ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, and INTP--in short, all the Rational types.  SF types, on the other hand, were underrepresented.  Discusses why this might be and explains some of the 16PF (another personality test) traits characteristic of various types. 

Teaching Engineering: Psychological Type and Learning

  1. Describes which types prefer which fields of engineering.  (For example, INTJs prefer aerospace engineering and ESTPs prefer petroleum engineering.)
  2. Describes how different types learn, with teacher-oriented discussion of curricula, student retention, interpersonal relationships, etc. 

Useful for all types, particularly students considering engineering or professors teaching engineering.